What We Do

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What We Do

Inspirative Arts provides arts therapies and wellbeing arts for children and adults with:

  • Learning and physical disabilities;
  • Autism and other communication disorders;
  • Emotional and/or behavioural difficulties;
  • Memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language;
  • Mental health issues.  

We also support people who care for friends and family members with additional needs.


Our Partner Organisation – Inspirative Development

Inspirative Development is our training arm, a limited company part owned by Inspirative Arts CIC.

Inspirative Development’s mission is to revolutionise care culture by inspiring creativity, communication and compassionate care.  

We deliver inspiring training and empowerment for health and social care sector staff

We offer bespoke training for organisations that includes the care certificate, and run BTEC level 1,2&3 qualifications, which is ideal for individual staff, volunteers, PAs or people considering work or further study in the health and social care or wellbeing arts sectors.