23 10, 2017

Why register before December 2017

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Inspirative Development is having to bring registration forward due to the review date of the BTEC’s at level 2&3. We can only guarantee a place on our training in activity provision for health & social care if you register before December 2017. Your registration will give you access to our training between now and 2019 [...]

21 09, 2017

Walking for Derbyshire

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We are so proud of our Director, Philippa who has been walking the whole length of Derbyshire  from to to bottom to raise funds for Inspirative Arts. She is a huge advocate for empowering others and is a huge believer in anything is possible! There is no stopping her! Philippa will be completing the final [...]

5 09, 2017

Creative Therapeutic Training for Health and Social Care

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There are two opportunities coming up to support people to get back into training and development after a summer break. To find out about the opportunities for CPD and courses in activity provision for social care you can book onto our introductory session. The session will also inform you of how we delivery mandatory training [...]

4 09, 2017

What Does Wellbeing Mean to You?

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What is Mental Wellbeing? Brown and Brown (2004) illuminate how quality of life and wellbeing is completely unique and individual from person to person. It appears very difficult to define quality of life as one unitary concept as there are multiple elements and domains which contribute to it.  Mind describes mental wellbeing as your “mental state - [...]

7 08, 2017

Using Rhythm to Improve Quality of Life for Individuals with PMLD

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What We Have Found. We have found that Music can be used as a tool to elevate stress, reduce self-harm, build confidence, develop communication and interaction, and improve mental health and wellbeing for people with profound multiple learning disabilities. We take our services to various different care homes and use the arts therapeutically and creatively [...]

5 08, 2017

The Power of Creativity and Cerebral Palsy

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  What is Cerebral Palsy? "Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term that refers to a group of disorders affecting a person’s ability to move... Cerebral palsy affects people in different ways and can affect body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance. Although cerebral palsy is a permanent life-long condition, some [...]

4 08, 2017

Want to Support Other’s Well-being?

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Click Here to see how you could help!:)  

4 08, 2017

Creative Community Fair

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25 07, 2017

Evidence of How Your Financial Investment in Creativity Can Save You Money.

July 25th, 2017|Posts|0 Comments

David Shrigley’s ‘The arts’ teapot filling up a ‘lost soul’ cup. Illustration: David Shrigley The All-Party Parliamentary Group have put together a report after an inquiry into Arts, Health and Wellbeing. The report recognises and brings to the readers attention the powerful contribution the arts can make to our health and wellbeing. Not only this, but [...]

20 07, 2017

A Report on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report From All-Party Parliamentary Group.

July 20th, 2017|Posts|0 Comments

Wow, what an amazing report with findings that support the huge importance of the role that creativity plays in health and wellbeing. This report published by All-Party Parliamentary Group recognises "the powerful contribution the arts can make to our health and wellbeing..." in various circumstance and situations in life. Please take a look at these fantastic findings. If [...]

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