Body Image & Relationships

We recognise that understanding relationships and sexuality is a difficult subject for adults with learning disabilities. Our programme is designed to improve their understanding and confidence on the subject.

These are the main points being covered in the programme:

  • Expressing feelings about body image
  • Exploring boundaries and personal space
  • Understanding different types of relationships
  • Understanding different sexualities
  • Appropriate behaviours in different types of relationships
  • Understanding socially acceptable behaviours surrounding sexual practice
  • Understanding physical and emotional needs
  • Expectations of others and self
  • Confidence building – looking at self esteem
  • How to be assertive – in response to society and social pressures
  • Externalising a positive self-image – through photography

Please note that this programme aims to encourage participants to explore their own source of knowledge in the above areas, and to develop their understanding through the arts.

For more information about this programme, please download our PDF brochureĀ HERE