Health and Social Care Therapeutic Training opportunities with Inspirative Development

We offer accredited BTEC training at level 2 and 3 in Activity Provision for social care that can progress onto level 4 in becoming a Creative Therapeutic practitioner delivered in collaboration with the University of Derby.

We are passionate about improving the quality of care through meaningful and person centred activity provision, and are constantly developing our training.  Due to our collaborations with other organisations this is possibly the last time we will be running the BTEC 2 short course  and BTEC 3 short course as additional units will become mandatory and the changes will result in a cost rise from £350 (level 2)& £600 (level 3) up to £1000 for each level from September 2017. Thus if you feel you would like to do this qualification, and would like to benefit from the reduced price and short format before the changes occur, now is the time to get in touch! You maybe unsure if this course is relevant to you and want to find out more, or give someone the gift of awareness by sharing this with them.  That is absolutely fine.

Enrolment is on Wednesday 10th May, you can either get in touch and do the process online or book a time in the afternoon 13-17:00. We need to receive your Express of Interest form, which you can email

The ‘bite-sized’ format (entailing a time commitment for taught sessions of just 3 hours per week). There are 2 cohorts starting in May; one on the Wednesday 24th 16:30-19:30 and the other Wednesday 31st 13:00-16:00.


The training attracts individuals who are:

➢ Past and present students. Some of which want to enhance their skills if they have done a CET degree or add another skill to their knowledge base or train in this area of practice.

Professionals looking at one or more of the modules to enhance their professional role and develop key skills and attributes that will help them in their work and beyond.

PA’s who are looking for career enhancement, enjoyment and motivation in their caring role, to be inspired to make a real change in people’s lives.

Volunteers and those out of employment who are seeking to explore career options and have a chance to start their academic journey.  There will be opportunities to gain an array of transferable skills, in order to apply for many other jobs.  Employers are only able to teach skills whereas we can help the individual to develop themselves, their emotional resilience and capability to take on those skills.

Parents/Carers wanting to progress their career or enhance their role as a carer.


Do you qualify for financial support?

Individuals who have personal health budget can access the Skills for Care funds and have the cost of themselves and their Personal Assistant’s place covered. To apply for skills care funding click here.

Organisations can access the Workforce development fund in order to financially support their staff onto the training.
For answers to the most frequently asked questions download the FAQ

For Entry Requirements click here

Want to Express your interest click here to down load the document that you can email to

Details of the University of Derby Therapeutic Arts programme are available here.

To see an overview of the whole process from expressing your interest to receiving the training click here

Contact Sarah
Telephone: 01332 208 706


BTEC level 2 and 3 gives learners opportunity to progress onto higher levels of academic study with The University of Derby

To hear what past students have said about the Diploma level 4 that was offered in collaboration with the University of Derby, click on the links below:

Susan: Started as a volunteer at Inspirative Arts who has realised her career ambition in using the arts for therapeutic practice and has secured a post as Creative Enabler at Inspirative Arts. It was through her work with Inspirative Arts she found out about the Diploma opportunity. Listen to her reasons why she came onto the diploma and what she is gaining from the experience…. ‘really awakened me’ ‘find everything so interesting’  ‘I am actually quiet proud of myself for doing it’

To hear it from Susan click here

Jayne’s stories:
This response expresses why she would recommend the Diploma for other carers…she shared how it was important to be your own person and not just have the role of a carer.

To hear it from Jayne click here

She expresses her story as to why the Diploma is important to her.

To hear it from Jayne click here

Sian: She had already completed a degree in graphic design, however wanted to use her creative skill in the community. She came across Inspirative Arts where she realised that she wanted a career in using the arts in the health and social care sector. She shares why she is doping the diploma and what she is getting from it…Felt good branching into arts therapy practices … learning so much about myself and approach to others.

To hear it from Sian click here

Janet’s story:
Janet is someone with physical disabilities who has a Personal Assistance (PA) to support her. She also enrolled her PA on the course and got both places funded by Skills Fund agency. She expresses her reasons for coming onto the Diploma… to inspire others to pursue a career in supporting others.

To hear it from Janet click here