Training and Development for Care Staff.

Working in the care industry we recognise that being a support worker/carer for others can be emotionally challenging for some.

  • As a care service provider do you experience a high turnover of staff?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to motivate and inspire your team?
  • Wonder why some people are more difficult to manage than others?

Care staff and PA’s can benefit from our specially designed training for the care sector. We set high standards to initiate changes in practice and to sustain them. Our mission is to enhance the skills of staff to create enablers in care who will effectively meet the emotional needs of their customers which will ultimately improve quality of life and wellbeing for the customer and care giver.

Our training is tailored to your care home/agency needs focusing on any issues you may be facing.

Training Courses:

Emotional Resilience 

Creative Expressive Therapies for care staff

Activities Co-ordinator – learning the basics of Creative Expressive Therapies

Creative Team Development 

Playback Theatre