This course introduces you to the concept of Emotional Resilience (ER). ER is best described as the person behind the skills and knowledge. The emotional being who needs to have the strength to deal with stress and adversity. Emotional Resilience Training helps you to persevere and see the bigger picture, to remain optimistic and to maintain your self-esteem.emo-dev

• Learn how our own perceptions, fears and negative programming affects our performance, and how we can make ourselves tougher to cope with the challenges at work including challenging behaviour.
• Learn about the behaviours of others and how you can support change and improvement in challenging behaviours.
• Understand why people behave and how to meet diverse needs.
• Learn how to support people through difficult emotional times.
• Learn how to care for your own emotional needs which will ultimately improve your performance when dealing with challenging behaviours.
• Learn how to be assertive and how to deal with conflict situations.

1 day Training course in partnership with Calm People Derby

Costs: £100 per person.