Inspirative Arts was first established in October 2009 after Sarah Paine and Tracey Cullen graduated from the Creative Expressive therapies degree from Derby University. Their passion was to revolutionise the way care is delivered by implementing the Creative Therapeutic approach as a method of practice to Inspiraitve Arts service. Creating job role for Creative Enablers, Creative Therapeutic Practitioners and specialists.

This model was developed with the introduction of Philippa Buchanan in 2014, who established Arts Therapy as a service for those people struggling with underlying issues. Resulting in a seamless provision where individuals could meet their needs to safely express themselves or be supported to work on specific issues through the powerful tool of creative art, drama, dance and music. We now have a highly qualified and experienced core team of Creative Expressive Specialists and Arts Therapists. Head over to Meet our team if you wish!

Our values underpin the way we revolutionise care:

Our values are expressed through a story of ‘travel’ to give you an insight into what Inspirative Arts stands for – we hope you enjoy the journey…..

Our story begins with having a passion for changing the care culture, moving away from the ‘caring for’ model to ‘caring about’ an individual. We aspire to “be the change we want to see” (Ghandi). The way we create this change is through our inspirational and innovative use of the arts therapies; this was how Inspirative Arts was born!

People started coming to Inspirative Arts for the opportunity to express themselves – to be heard and acknowledged. They felt that Inspirative Arts looked at who they were rather than at the labels or limitations that they were given. The more they continued to be a part of Inspirative Arts the more they found that the creative space nurtured their self-development. They found it to be empowering, enriching and therapeutic.

People realised that they had built a close connection with Inspirative Arts and had embarked on a journey together.

To welcome you to Inspirative Arts we would first get to know those around you; your physical, mental and social being; what your journey looked like before you came to us; where you are now and what you want for your future.

To sustain our trip together, we know how important it is to continually develop our team’s skills, making sure we are equipped to nurture you. Inspirative Arts will be honest and open about what tools we can provide for our travels and you may be asked to bring some of your own resources and wisdom too.

While on our journey together we will take breaks, giving us a chance to look back and reflect. We will check our maps to make sure we’re on the right path moving forward.  We believe it is OK to ask others to help along the way, or to acknowledge that Inspirative Arts could move from walking by your side, to observing from a distance. When we reach our landmarks we will be sure to celebrate what we have achieved.

So let’s pack up a picnic of goodies and have lots of creative fun on the way!

Inspirative Arts values:














Inspirative Arts offer a variety of person-centered services to meet your needs.
Take a look at what we mean by Creative Expressive Therapies (CET) and Arts Therapies .

Having these varying services means that we can tailor our services to the person, whether they need some level 1 support to improve their wellbeing or some 121 level 5 depth of support to address and explore some key difficulties and challenging issues and make positive changes to your life, we are here to support you.

 Inspirative Arts work with people in;

One to one settings in their own home in Derby and Nottingham areas, or as part of one of our programmes. We typically work with people on a one to one basis if they want to build their initial confidence before starting a programme or for people who would benefit from focused and intensive support around specific needs, such as developing their emotional control.

Our group sessions aim to help participants to learn by being part of a group, especially around communication.

Half day workshops
We offer half day training workshops for care staff teams and for team building activities. This could be in-house training or delivered in and around Derby and Nottingham.

Full day workshops
We have collaborated with other providers to offer programmes that last a full day for people with learning disabilities or mental health issues.

We also provide one-off courses themed to develop a key area – such as confidence building or improving communication within the group.

This can be for team development training and we also provide one day courses themed to develop key areas for people with learning disabilities, or improving self- worth for adults with mental health issues in Derby and Nottingham.

We create bespoke programmes tailored around the people taking part. Whether it is a group of adults with mental health issues who would like to build confidence and emotional wellbeing, or a group of children who would like to express themselves freely and develop communication, we have the material to suit the needs of different groups.

Alternatively we offer set programmes such as Personal Development. Find out more about our programmes.

We are a credited provider in the social care sector

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Contact us now to find out more about the support we offer individuals and organisations.

We want to be inspiring to those around. We also want to acknowledge those we feel inspired by, such as Matt who is a great advocate for those struggle to have a voice. Hear his poems about issues close to his heart of disabled people as well as those with mental health conditions by clicking here to go onto his website.