Creative Expressive Therapies is particularly useful for helping individuals express feelings and live in the moment. We understand that activities can be difficult for older people living with dementia due to memory loss and communication difficulties.

Our arts-based activities are flexible to the needs of the individual’s participating, including meeting their needs for different stages of Dementia. For example an individual living with stages 1-5 dementia may respond well to others and benefit from group activities, whereas an individual living with stages 5-7 dementia would perhaps struggle in a group but would benefit from one-to-one activities.

For later stages of dementia we work with individuals on a one-to-one basis so that all the activities are adapted to the person’s needs at that present time. The Individuals’ needs can change on a daily basis and our Creative Expressive Therapies Specialists work spontaneously to capture meaningful moments in their session.

Focusing on feelings and emotions helps individuals with dementia as they still have the ability to feel and remember feelings. We help them express feelings through the art forms; art, drama, dance and music.

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Older Adults Activities

Older adults are welcome to join in our regular well-being sessions in Derby. Activities are in art, drama, dance and music.
We offer tailored groups to older adults in various settings, such as, care/nursing homes and day centres. Our activities are meaningful and creatively explore themes such as, memories. Engaging in the Creative Expressive Therapies can provide a vital role in health and well-being for older adults.

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