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As an organisation that believes in working with people, not labels, we love working with all client groups. Here are some examples of client groups we currently work with:

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Here are some case studies of clients who have benefited from our services. Click on the posts to read more.

A new way of learning: how can an understanding of self-efficacy and emotional resilience be used to develop successful teaching and learning strategies for students in initial teacher education

This article details a study in which student teachers were invited to attend Dramatherapy workshops to help support the development of their self-efficacy and emotional resilience. The aims of the in…

A politics of naming and sharing: One therapist’s personal journey of traumatic grief, grooming, and sexual abuse in the workplace

This paper provides insight into the experiences of a psychotherapist exploring societal issues within the workplace related to grooming and sexual abuse. It explores the process of adult grooming via…

Facilitating Creative Expression: A Dramatherapy Perspective

This issue of the magazine is concerned with how and why people express themselves creatively, but there are certain roles in society, like for example primary school teachers or, in our case people w…

The effect of creative psychological interventions on psychological outcomes for adult cancer patients: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Objective: This systematic review examined the effectiveness of creative psychological interventions (CPIs) for adult cancer patients. In particular, the findings of randomised controlled trials of ar…

The Unlocking. The Prompt

We were ecstatic to be able to present and share at conference our current voluntary project. We have been working in a Dramatherapy partnership for almost a year within a local charity and felt enthu…

Why Women Are Blamed for Everything: Exploring Victim Blaming of Women Subjected to Violence and Trauma

A review on Dr Taylor’s book which covers a variety of topics relating to victim blaming of women who have been subjected to sexual violence/abuse. A range of areas are shared with the reader in rel…



Read what our placement therapists, clients and their carers have had to say about Inspirative Arts.

Robert Casey

Inspirative Arts Client

I look forward to my session each week. It brings me a lot of fulfilling rewards and happiness, and makes me feel that I am Robert

Read Rob’s Story

Chris Beech

Advocate – Derbyshire Advocacy Service

Inspirative Arts is very person-centred in its approach. The sessions offer much more choice and freedom for their clients with what to do during the day

Naomi Engelkamp

Dance Movement Psychotherapy Placement Therapist

The Inspirative Arts induction meant I felt prepared for my placement and the safeguarding training was the most thorough I have ever had