School Testimonials

Impact of intervention on behaviour

  • There has been a significant reduction in the number of behavioural incidents for three pupils
  • Incidents from the term of the intervention have been compared to the same term from the year before
  • Pupil 1: 75% reduction
  • Pupil 4: 74% reduction
  • Pupil 6: 40% reduction

Impact of intervention on emotional well being

  • Pupils have been able to talk about issues that they have been finding difficult to cope with
  • Pupils have been able to choose a variety of activities in a calm and safe environment
  • Pupils have benefitted from having dedicated 1:1 therapy time
  • Pupils self-esteem has improved
  • Pupils confidence has improved

Impact of intervention on social skills

  • Pupils are able to communicate with others in a calmer way
  • Pupils have been able to function better in social situations that they may previously have found pressurised

Impact of intervention on learning skills

  • Pupils have been reported to return to their class calmer and more ready to learn
  • They are able to focus quickly on their work
  • Pupils self-esteem has allowed them to improve their work skills by having improved confidence in themselves

How did the interventions enable pupils to improve attitudes to learning, including self-esteem?

  • Pupils attitudes to learning have been reported to have improved as a direct result of the intervention
  • Pupils who have been struggling with their behaviour or emotional issues have returned from the sessions more focussed and ready to begin their learning
  • Self-esteem has improved for all pupils
  • The drama therapist reports that as the sessions have progressed, pupils’ attitudes have improved and they have settled well
  • There is less anxious behaviour at the beginning of the sessions
  • Pupils have developed excellent relationships with the drama therapist and have been comfortable talking to her
  • This has allowed self-esteem to improve as the sessions have progressed