For parents/carers and their PAs who have a vital and demanding role in looking after others; sometimes with not enough resources. Taking care of others and yourself can be hard. Would you like the opportunity to invest in you so that you can better support your loved one take time out to think creatively and learn new skills? Inspirative Development are offering non assessed programmes for those wanting to build emotional resilience in their caring role.

Do you agree with one or more of the following statements?:

– Feeling run down and low in energy or motivation?

– Struggling to maintain your own wellbeing?

– Finding it difficult to justify making time for yourself or feeling guilty for doing so because you feel you need to prioritise the individual(s) you care for?

If you have answered yes to any of the above you may want to scroll down and read more about our tailored programme. Are you concerned about the cost? Don’t worry as we have payment plans and you can click here to see if you qualify for Skills for Care funding


For care homes Inspirative Development are offering programmes which care homes can enroll one or more of their staff onto. Are your staff:

– Needing a chance to be nourished and inspired?

– Struggling to think of new ideas to engage those you support?

– Needing to enhance self awareness?


The Programme

The programme will help individuals to maintain their own wellbeing that will enhance their resources for their caring role. When those caring for someone come together to do the course there is a mutual understanding and support for each other that enriches the ability to care and feel more supported.

In the care industry it can feel as though there is not enough time – we found people related to the following statements when apprehensive about making time for the programme:

‘You will make the time for what is important’ (often people in a caring role only see the individual(s) they care for as a priority, however carers have realised through the course that they need to look after themselves too).

‘Don’t wait as the time will never be right’ (Often carers express that there will be a better time, when the individual(s) they care for are at school or not so unwell. However, they often share that there is always a reason to not get involved, if they let life’s events get in the way of making the time for themselves)

To read more about the full programme please click here.

Unsure if the programme is for you? We can offer groups a two hour interactive session to help you to understand the approach that we use and to give you an idea of what the programme will include. The two hour session covers:

– What is Creative Expressive Therapies?

– What is the difference between Therapy and Arts Therapy?

– How can the creative process maintain wellbeing

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