Creative Expressive Interaction – One to One Sessions

//Creative Expressive Interaction – One to One Sessions
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Fun, creative expressive one to one session, using intensive interaction techniques to nurture engagement, stimulate communication, facilitate expression and enhance wellbeing.

Facilitated by fully qualified Creative Expressive specialists, these fun, expressive one to one sessions offer positive, engaging, energising activities.  Sessions are designed to suit the needs and abilities of the individual person. We focus on engaging the client, facilitating communication and self-expression, nurturing self-esteem, building a sense of belonging, enhancing well-being and enjoying ourselves.  Our team use a mix of art forms – art, music, dance and drama – coupled with intensive interaction techniques to facilitate stimulating, meaningful activities.

Creative Expressive Interaction One to One sessions are ideally suited to people with a range of learning difficulties, challenging behaviour, and physical or sensory impairments; who feel unable to work in a group setting and need more intensive support.  This might include people whose behaviour might distress or disrupt the engagement of other clients in a group setting.

The only people who might be excluded from one-to-one work are people whose behaviour poses a risk to our staff.  In these instances we may suggest that people also purchase an “Added Support” package, enabling a safer two to one ratio in their sessions.  

The length of creative expressive interaction one to one sessions varies according to client needs.  You can access the session either in house at Inspirative House. Alternatively, you can request for sessions to be in the home however additional charges would apply to cover our specialist’s travel to your chosen venue.