Creative Expressive Wellbeing Group (Open Group)

//Creative Expressive Wellbeing Group (Open Group)
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Fun, creative, expressive groups; using art, music, movement and drama to build confidence, self-esteem and friendships, nurturing wellbeing.

Facilitated by fully qualified Creative Expressive Wellbeing graduates, and supported by trained volunteers, these fun, expressive workshops bring people with similar needs together to share in positive, energising, arts based activities.  Workshops are designed to suit the needs and abilities of group members. We focus on nurturing self-esteem, fostering belonging, building a sense of community, enhancing well-being and enjoying ourselves. We have groups which specifically focus on using one art form – art, music, dance or drama, and groups that use an expressive mix of all of the arts.  

Creative Expressive Wellbeing Groups are ideally for those who can independently access our service, typically working professionals. If someone faces more profound difficulties or needs greater support we would suggest one of our other more intensive support services. Spaces might be limited, as the group size will be determined by the discretion of the facilitator to ensure quality of service.  Creative Expressive Wellbeing Groups generally last 2 hrs.

Level 1 workshops involve fun activities designed around the general needs of participants.  These workshops are more appropriate for places where attendance might be ad-hoc or ‘drop in’, with different individuals participating each week.  This service does not involve regular reflective reporting.