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Small creative, expressive wellbeing groups for people who are recovering from trauma or noticing a decline in their wellbeing.

Facilitated by fully qualified, highly experienced Creative Expressive specialists with additional training, and supported by trained volunteers, these creative, expressive workshops bring people with similar needs together to explore and process thoughts, feelings and experiences through the arts.

Workshops are designed to suit the needs and abilities of group members, with no more than 6 people per group.  We focus on giving people a safe space for artistic expression, facilitating communication, nurturing self-esteem, building a sense of community, tackling difficulties and restoring well-being.  Our team use a mix of art forms – art, music, dance and drama – specifically tailored to the engagement styles of group members.

Creative Expressive Wellbeing Groups are ideally suited to people who need in depth support to cope with difficulties and prevent them escalating.  People whose behaviour might distress or disrupt the engagement of other clients will be offered one to one support instead of group engagement. Spaces might be limited, because we never have more than 6 clients in a group, ensuring each client benefits from personalised attention.

A nominated contact within the establishment will receive a weekly reflective email updating staff on client progress, any issues and the rationale/wellbeing benefits in regards to activities presented. . Reflective outcomes for each participant; mapping progress against named targets, using person-centred standardised assessment tools will be included.