Inspirative Arts provide meaningful activities for adults with multiple and profound learning disabilities in and around Derby/Nottingham. Our sessions use a combination of the arts with other techniques such as Intensive Interaction. Sessions are typically in-house in various care/nursing homes, but individuals are also welcome at our centre in Derby.IMG_2027

Our aim is to work on specific issues you or your team may be facing, such as behaviour that challenges, and/or to provide meaningful activities designed for each individual. Each session is fun, supportive and interactive.

With our work we aim to promote:
• Healthy self-confidence and self-esteem
• Expressing feelings and emotions – dealing with negative feelings
• Positive behaviour – helping individuals express themselves and relate more positively to others.
• Communication – non verbal, verbal and body language. Helping individuals interact and respond/engage with people.

What Makes an Activity Meaningful?

Our specialists always adapt the activity to the individual’s needs/interests. We explore using Play Therapy techniques and Intensive Interaction to discover all methods of communication.
Each individual expresses themselves differently – the main expressions we look out for are smiles, happy vocalising sounds, eye contact and emotion in their eyes. Having built a close emotional rapport with individuals their eyes can speak a thousand words. The level of interaction and participation also helps us identify whether the activity is meaningful for the person.

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