Looking for a positive and powerful way to support personal development? Or trying to find a more structured way to address the issues affecting your clients?

Our programmes provide stimulating and interactive arts-based activities – but they’re also designed to support individual growth and personal development.  From life skills to self confidence to dealing more positively with anger, the programmes are aimed at empowering participants to express, explore and develop.

We can deliver programmes in-house or at an external venue. We can even arrange a venue for you, if required.

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Personal Development

In this programme we cover key areas of personal development:

  • Life skills – exploring the wheel of life in relation to feelings and emotions.
  • Self confidence
  • Values and beliefs of self
  • Values and beliefs of others in relations to self
  • Understanding self
  • Emotions and feelings
  • Equality awareness
  • Communication.

We end every programme with a special ceremony event, to allow participants to celebrate their achievements.

We are currently running open Personal Development programmes in Derby and Nottingham for people with learning disabilities/learning difficulties and/or for people with mental health issues. These programmes use a variety of therapeutic arts involving art activities, drama workshops, dance & movement sessions and music activities. All the creative workshops within the programme help adults with learning disabilities express and develop.  We deliver these programmes in a number of areas such as Derby City, Long Eaton, Ripley, and Nottingham.

We also deliver in-house Personal Development Programmes in many care homes in and around the midlands.

Open Personal Development

Helping individuals develop new friendships and relationships. The group aims to help participants continue learning and developing in areas they have started on our programmes. It encourages people to take more responsibility for their independence by providing structured social time as well reflective learning.

The group are encouraged to organise their own social activity outside of the group that involves the network of friends they have created.

Health and Wellbeing

Part 1:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Food – understanding food groups and a balanced diet
  • Exercise
  • Emotions and feelings about diet
  • Body Image
  • Action planning

Part 2:

  • Feelings and emotions towards Health Services
  • Experiences of Health Services
  • Personal Care – exploring personal space through drama
  • Hygiene – understanding germs
  • Accidents – role-playing

Designed for adults with learning disabilities and suitable for young people and children, both courses aim to encourage participants to explore their knowledge of health issues, and to develop their understanding through the arts.

Emotional Development

We work collaboratively with Calm People to help people with learning disabilities in Derby and Nottingham develop to positive skills and understanding in expressing, controlling and dealing with their emotions. We support both clients and their carers to help them benefit fully in the sessions – and longer-term.

The programme material is a combination of Anger Management techniques and Creative Expressive Therapies which creates a safe experiential learning environment. The collaboration of both materials create a better understanding for people with learning disabilities, helping them to learn and understand the techniques in managing feelings and emotions through creative and expressive methods.

The programme helps people with learning disabilities find positive ways to develop their understanding in:

  • Self
  • Thoughts and beliefs
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Other people’s feelings
  • What their needs are
  • Taking responsible for their needs
  • Knowing what to do with their feelings
  • Conflict Management

See a video on YouTube where adults with learning disabilities are learning how to control conflict and intimidating situations- Max Conflict Management 

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Want to know more about Beating Anger Derby? please visit their website or book onto an Introduction Evening.

Body Image and Relationships

The key areas that this programme covers are:

  • Understanding different relationships
  • developing understanding in body image and self-esteem
  • Personal space& social awareness
  • Sexuality

Tactile Interaction

For adults with moderate-profound learning disabilities. This programme uses more tactile based activities for those who perhaps struggle to engage in other activities.
With our activities we aim to stimulate different senses by using material that vary in touch, smell, light and sou

nd. All activities involve dance and movement, drama, music and intensive interaction.

This programme aims to promote:• Self-expression
• Interaction with others
• Different ways of communicating
• Well-being and happiness
• A meaningful activity that’s engaging