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Specialist Therapy and Consultation

Creativity and engagement is key to the capacity to learn, to develop resilience and vitality, no matter what past experiences or limitations there may have been.


However, some experiences and some limitations make it more difficult to live fully; to connect with internal resources, insights and new ways of thinking about things. That’s why Inspirative Arts felt that a dedicated team, providing Creative and Therapeutic interventions would be an important service to develop.

Improved environment and Interactions

Given the right kind of space and creative opportunities, everyone is essentially moving towards health. Inspirative Arts have a commitment to understanding how that space looks for each individual, involving friends, family and systems, to support greater health, well being and participation. We offer verbal and non-verbal therapies, that enable connection with resources; improved communication, relationships and development.

How do we work?

We use a range of mediums including play, art, drama, movement, family sessions, individual and group therapy; video feedback and specialised computer software, to make our services most accessible, non-threatening and engaging.

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