Inspirative Development’s interactive learning approach is a unique style of training. It adds richness and variety to supporting individuals’ in their career development. Do you acknowledge that self-development can enrich your role? If the answer is yes, then you will recognise that Inspirative Development will add enjoyment to all aspects of your life, not just your career.

Personal and emotional development through the creative process is what makes our training so versatile. Creativity is essential in every role as every problem can find a solution more quickly with creative thinking. By investing in personal and emotional development you will want to give 100% to your role and have the resources to do so effectively.

Do you, or someone you know:

– Often have low energy

– Lack in motivation

– Have difficulty maintaining focus

– Struggle finding ideas and solutions to problems?

At Inspirative Development, we believe that it is essential to know how to maintain your own sense of wellbeing, in order to have control of your personal and professional life.

Inspirative Development specialise in providing a creative practice approach. We work in the Education, Health & social care sectors, and deliver a range of sessions including;

One off training sessions,

Both assessed and non assessed programmes.

Monitored and measured training packages, to evaluate your team or organisation’s strengths and growth.

Financial support: The skills for care fund can cover some of the costs of training for organisations, parents/carers and PA’s. Links are given on the relevant pages.

What do we mean by interactive?

Many people are aware of visual, audio and kinesthetic learners, with most people being a combination of them. In Interactive training, all three learning styles play a key role in the learning and discovery process. Learners need to feel safe enough to make mistakes and push themselves, which is when learning happens. Having the space to process thoughts, either internally or externally, and to be able to interact with others enables participants to come up with reflective thoughts and actions to move forward.