What is Creative Expressive Therapies (CET)?

/What is Creative Expressive Therapies (CET)?
What is Creative Expressive Therapies (CET)? 2018-07-05T12:43:43+00:00

Creative Expressive Therapies (CET) uses the creative processes of art, drama, dance & movement and music to help stimulate personal growth and development.

At Inspirative Arts we use creativity as a training tool to support people to experience, express and grow. CET is both fun and powerful because it encourages individuals to discover their own creative energy. It is through this creative process that individuals’ awareness expands, their imagination develops and the space to express freely evolves along with self-confidence.

Why the arts?

At Inspirative Arts we work with a combination of arts, drama, dance & movement and music. All art forms offer similar positive benefits, but have a very different process.

Creative Expressive Therapies is adaptable to all of our client groups, helping children and adults with learning disabilities or physical disabilities, adults with mental health issues and helping teams develop within businesses and care home organisations.

Taking part in the arts in a creative way helps people to relax, unwind and express their feelings which can be empowering and therapeutic. Artistic activities can help individuals develop their self-confidence, understand their feelings and also improve their self awareness.

Arts activities can be focused on specific themes to help educate or develop positive change – or non-focused to create freedom of expression. As well as providing different forms of communication and helping individuals to feel involved in the session, the experience has many benefits beyond the workshop, like reducing behavioural difficulties and increasing confidence and self esteem. The experience also takes the focus away from social pressures and barriers, developing confidence in social settings.

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