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Who could benefit from our workshops? The short answer is – anyone looking for a creative and fun way to move towards personal development.

We carefully plan every workshop to meet the needs of each participant and organisation. We work in a person-centred way so we stay in touch with how each person is progressing.

Because we focus on the process more than the end product, there are no expectations of any skills or abilities within the arts for those taking part. We offer workshops for:

 People with disabilities

Children and adults who have various disabilities, including moderate to severe mental and physical difficulties

We work with people with disabilities who want to develop confidence, self- esteem,  social skills, and/or understanding their feelings. If you or anyone you support with a disability is experiencing one or more of the following, then we can help:

  • Difficulty creating friendships and relationships
  • Challenges in social settings
  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Difficulty understanding/managing emotions and feelings
  • A lack in interpersonal skills
  • Difficulty with self-motivation.

We tackle specific issues the person your supporting might be dealing with, whether it is expressing themselves or relating more positively to others. Each session is fun, supportive and interactive. We aim to help participants to be themselves and not to allow any disability define who they are. Each of our workshops is focused around a theme, giving individuals added motivation to stay engaged. Watch our video that demonstrates how we work with adults with learning disabilities –Click Here. Want to know more? Try one of our free taster events


Mainstream and special education schools secondary and college ages.

We work with schools in Derby and Nottingham that may be experiencing:

  • Struggling to progress their gifted and talented students.
  • Challenges with inspiring students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Difficulty in raising attainment of students.
  • Challenges in building confidence in their students.
  • Difficulty improving behaviours of students.

We typically help students who maybe experiencing:

  • A lack of self-worth and self-awareness.
  • Difficulties with expressing feelings and emotions in a positive way
  • Challenges with behaviour

Programmes are designed for your short and/or long term goals and we work with schools to achieve their specific aims. Some schools use our programme to help support and improve their PHSE curriculum.

Through group and individual experiential work the students will be learning about themselves and self in relation to others.
Each main activity will focus on the student’s individual expression using a variety of art forms – drama, art, dance and music, to help stimulate their creative energy.

The programme will help students safely express and explore focussed themes around life, independence, personal development, values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and much more.

All facilitators are Creative Expressive Specialists, CRB checked and have experience within schools. Find out more about ourCET Specialists

Read about our specifc project – Youth Personal Development Project.

Get in touch now for more information – or book a place on one of our free taster events.

 People with mental health issues

Adults with mental health experiences/mental health issues or difficulties.

We work with adults with mental health issues to build confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and help understandings of feelings and emotions. If you or anyone you support is experiencing one or more of the following, then we could help:

  • Difficulty understanding emotions and dealing with them
  • Challenges with self-belief and motivation
  • Struggling to understand self and meaning of life
  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Frustration with life and lack of enthusiasm.

We use Creative Expressive Therapies to give people with mental health issues the safe space, time and support to explore challenging issues and improve their sense of self belief and confidence.  We support participants to be themselves and not to allow illness or any other barriers to define who they are. See how we work – book your place on a free taster events

Carers/support worker teams
Start-up businesses
Business teams

We work with management and support workers in care homes in Derby and Nottingham to help develop team performance, team communication and to improve the quality of care they deliver.

We also work with business teams delivering innovative team building activities in Derby and Nottingham improving team performance and commitment. Our service is tailored to your specific training objectives and delivered either in-house or at a venue of your choosing.

Our training can help focus on key areas of improvement and/or can be an activity along side social events you may already have planned.

If you are experiencing one or more of the follow with management or with your team, then we could help:

  • A lack of self-motivation and enthusiasm in their job
  • Difficulty expressing their feelings and emotions relating to their job
  • Difficulty communicating effectively with team members or management
  • Diversity in team, with challenges around finding an activity everyone will enjoy
  • A lack in self-confidence – not knowing how to relate to colleagues.

We offer interactive workshops aimed at creating a more positive outlook for your team. The sessions are fun, but with the focus clearly on your goals. We’ll work with you to design a tailored programme or workshop to meet your aim, whether it is improved staff motivation, a stronger team or better communication. Find out more about our approach on one of our free taster events.