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Donations to Inspirative Arts

Inspirative Arts is a Community Interest Company that strives to be able to provide mental health services to as broad a range of individuals as possible and aims to reduce barriers to accessing support for mental health, including financial barriers. We apply for grant funding, and use means testing tools for individuals that we support who are self-funding, so that we can provide therapeutic arts services to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

However, donations are so incredibly helpful for enabling us to provide services. Ways in which your donation may be used include:

  • £7 pays for a therapeutic creative pack for an individual who doesn’t have access to resources at home
  • £10 pays for an online check-in for an individual who is feeling lonely or isolated
  • £15 covers venue and travel costs to deliver a session in a community setting
  • £20 pays for a therapist’s time planning and delivering a session

The money you give will help change individual’s lives.

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