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What we do

Inspirative Arts provides arts therapies and wellbeing arts for children and adults. Our services include:

Arts Therapies Sessions

Arts psychotherapy (dramatherapy, art therapy, music therapy or dance and movement therapy) for people who are experiencing trauma.

Creative Wellbeing Sessions

Group or one to one creative, expressive wellbeing sessions for people who are recovering from trauma or noticing a decline in their wellbeing. 

What are the Arts Therapies for Health and Wellbeing?


Inspirative Arts offers a unique and engaging blend of arts-based engagement which is specifically designed to promote:

  • Creative expression and communication
  • Increased confidence and aspiration
  • Emotional resilience
  • Community and social cohesion
  • Healthy relationships
  • Anger and stress management
  • Life skills and coping strategies

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Our Wellbeing Sessions

Our Evidence Based Approach

We are a research-led organisation. All our work is based on the most up-to-date clinical knowledge and evidence base. We work closely with the University of Derby, engage in our own clinical research work, and are at the forefront of developing our sector nationally.

Our Creative Arts Sessions

Our creative arts sessions are fun and engaging, but they also serve a deeper purpose. Working with our skilled professionals means that with us the arts are a vehicle self-expression, personal development, resilience and healing.  Our focus is on achieving individualised outcomes for each person taking part, not making great art work or learning a craft.

Our Process in creative therapies

  • Building a relationship between our therapist and each person through playing, being creative and/or verbal communication
  • Using the whole array of art forms, including drama, art, music and movement dependent upon the most appropriate medium for the client.
  • Using the creative expressive model, focusing on positive aspects of self (both physically and mentally), enabling each child to recognise their individual strengths and full potential.
  • Stimulating communication through voice, drama and sensory activities, repairing and developing trust in relationships with others.
  • Providing less threatening means of exploring emotionally difficult subjects using the safety and distance of metaphor.  
  • Supporting children to recognise emotions in themselves and others, and encouraging them to express and explore these in healthy ways, reforming health attachments with people who are important in their lives.

Inspirative Arts uses creative expressive therapies to change lives.

Focusing on therapies outcomes


Clients will focus on three outcomes at one time to either maintain or develop in the following areas:

  • Focus and engagement
  • Communication skills
  • Sense of self-worth (confidence and self-esteem)
  • Independence
  • Nurturing relationships
  • Self-awareness or Develop self in relation to others and the environment.
  • Self-expression
  • Management of emotions and behaviours (explore difficult relationships with others and to address unhealthy boundaries/coping skills i.e. anxiety, challenging behaviour etc.)