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Arts Therapies

Arts psychotherapy (drama, art, music or dance and movement therapies) for people who are experiencing trauma.

Facilitated therapies by fully qualified, HCPC registered arts psychotherapists, these service support people to process current or past trauma, beginning the journey back to well-being.

Arts based psychotherapies use non-verbal, verbal and creative means of expression and exploration.  Our therapists tailor techniques to enable each client to explore their issues. This might include drama, art, music and movement – whichever is most appropriate for you.

Sessions give people a safe place to explore and express emotions within a contained space. This aids recovery, equips people with life skills, and builds personal resilience.  Clients have the opportunity to recover their self-esteem, confidence, independence and awareness.

Acceptance into our Arts Therapies programmes is subject to a clinical assessment. If our assessing therapist does not feel therapy will meet the needs of a person at this time they may be offered an alternate service.

Level 5 & Level 4 one-to-one arts therapies sessions generally last for 1 hour each.  When being delivered as a group at Level 4 the sessions can last between one to two hours.

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