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Student Personal Therapy

During training to become a qualified therapist or counsellor it may be part of your requirements to undergo personal therapy. This can consist of individual therapy and/or group therapy. Inspirative Arts is able to offer both group and individual therapy for trainee therapists.  Therapy sessions at Inspirative arts use an integrative, person centred and humanistic approach. We will use the most appropriate working model to fit the individual’s needs and will draw on our extra training and experience of using the art forms therapeutically.

Group therapy is offered in a large private room with extensive creative resources available. The group may be ran by two therapists to ensure that each individual has space to share and that the trainees experiences a range of approaches and can further reflect on their interpersonal skills and group dynamics.

Our therapists are experienced working with trainee therapists and understand the requirements and demands faced during the training. All of our therapists are HCPC registered Dramatherapists. For any queries please contact us or email us at [email protected].