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Creative Wellbeing

Group or one to one creative, expressive wellbeing sessions for people who are recovering from trauma or noticing a decline in their wellbeing.

Our Creative Well-being Specialist staff typically have degree level in the relevant arts in health course. They would have years of experience and hold additional specialisms within the therapeutic practice. They are skilled at supporting and holding difficult behaviours or taboo subjects and can offer a unique programme specific to that person or group to achieve their outcomes and goals.

Sessions are tailored to suit the needs and abilities of the client.  We focus on giving people a safe space for artistic expression, facilitating communication, nurturing self-esteem, building a sense of belonging, tackling difficulties and restoring well-being.  Our facilitators use a mix of art forms – art, music, dance and drama – specifically tailored to the engagement style of the person they are working with.

Creative Expressive Wellbeing one to one sessions are ideally suited to people who need in depth support to cope with difficulties and prevent them escalating, and who might find it difficult to work in a group.  This might include people whose behaviour might distress or disrupt the engagement of other clients in a group setting.

The only people who might be excluded from one-to-one work are people whose behaviour poses a risk to our staff.  In these instances, we may suggest that people also purchase an “Added Support” package, enabling a safer two to one ratio in their sessions.

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