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Inspirative Development

Inspirative Development is our training arm, a limited company part-owned by Inspirative Arts CIC.  

Inspirative Developmentā€™s mission is to revolutionise care culture by inspiring creativity, communication and compassionate care.  We deliver inspiring training and empowerment for health and social care sector staff. Compassionate care starts with self-care.
Caring for others in our lives either professional personal as a family member or friend is emotionally draining and difficult. Recognising that we all need to have self-care in order to compassionately care is important.

Inspirative Development can offer organisations from a range of sectors a way of benefiting from the use of creativity. We specialise in using creativity as a non threatening tool that can structure staff sessions for training purposes, team building opportunities, create space to reflect on practice or problem solve an issue. We can help engage your staff and tap into their resources and help develop their skills.

Our range of accredited courses can form non credited CPD opportunities for your staff training and development. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to get more information.

We offer bespoke training for organisations that includes the care certificate and run BTEC level 1,2&3 qualifications, which is ideal for individual staff, volunteers, PAs or people considering work or further study in the health and social care or wellbeing arts sectors.

I am a Care Professional

Are you a professional working in the health and care-related industry? At Inspirative Arts, we offer several services to help support and grow you.

Clinical Supervision

At Inspirative Arts we have qualified clinical supervisors who work from a person centred approach using the arts.


Take advantage of the wealth of training opportunities offered by our training arm, Inspirative Development

Mentoring Programme

Contact us for latest information

I am a Trainee Therapist

Are you looking for a placement, personal student therapy or relevant experience to develop your career goals in the industry? Check out the opportunities we have to offer at Inspirative Arts.

Student Personal Therapy

We provide group or individual therapy for trainee therapists, who may be required to undergo personal therapy as part of their training.

Student Placements

We offer both educational placements and placements for those wanting to gain voluntary work opportunities.


Inspirative Arts are always eager to support students learning journeys. Please email us to find out more