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Privacy Policy

Inspirative Arts Derby CIC places the wellbeing of our clients and staff above everything else.

When you get in touch with us or use our services, you might well share information about yourself. When we are working with you it is important we know about you to ensure we give you the best possible service.

The sharing of information in health and social care is guided by the Caldicott principles: This means:

  • Whenever we handle data we justify the purpose(s).
  • We don’t use personal confidential data unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • We always use the minimum personal confidential data necessary for purpose.
  • Access to personal confidential data is only given on a strict need-to-know basis.
  • We make sure everyone with access to personal confidential data is aware of their responsibilities.
  • We make sure we comply with the law.
  • We recognise that the duty to share information can be as important as the duty to protect client confidentiality.

This statement is to tell you how we will and will not use any personal information you share with us.

We will never pass on information about you to anyone else unless:

  • You specifically ask us to (for example if you want us to help you get in touch with another service);
  • You have been referred to us by somebody else (maybe your school or care provider) and you have given both us and them permission to keep each other up to date about your progress;
  • We are really worried about either your immediate safety, or the immediate safety of somebody close to you, and it really isn’t safe to discuss the worries with you first.

We will always:

  • Keep your information locked away in a safe place (either physically or electronically);
  • Make sure your information is only available to people who really need to see it (for example the staff who work with you);
  • Anonymise your data if we need to tell people about our services. (For example, we might need to tell a funder about the number and type of people who use our services, or we might want to share success stories with someone who is thinking about joining us; but we would never share any information which means anyone could identify you specifically, unless you have given us express permission to share your story in this way);
  • Safely dispose of your data as soon as we can when you finish using our service;
  • Ask your permission before we keep in touch;
  • Abide by all the laws and regulations which tell us how to look after data (eg. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulations; the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC)’s guidance, etc).


  • We might need to keep your records after you have finished using our services, because of the rules and regulations of the people who regulate us (for example HCPC and safeguarding rules), or so we can help you again in the future. If this is the case we will lock your records in our archives, and nobody will use your data without your permission. We will dispose of your records safely as soon as we are able to. Please see here to find out more about this.
  • We might want to keep in touch with you about other things we are doing – but we will only do this if you tell us we can.

You always have the right:

  • To see any information we hold about you
  • To ask us to change any data we hold about you
  • To ask us to safely share your data with somebody else – perhaps a new service provider or somebody else who helps you live your life (this is called ‘portability’)
  • To see any information we have already shared about you
  • To ask us to change the way we use your data
  • To ask us to stop using your data
  • To ask us to destroy your data or lock it away in our secure archives so it will not be used again.

If you are ever worried about how we hold or use your data, want to change anything, or want to know more, please do get in touch.

Here is some more information about how long we keep records for:

  • If you accessed our services through a council funded framework, or other funded programme, our contracts might say that we need to keep your details on record until the programme finishes, or for a set amount of time afterwards.
  • If you accessed therapy with us, the Health Care Professionals Council regulations say we need to keep you details on record for 8 years after you finished working with us, however we will dispose of any material you created in your sessions after 1 month, unless you have asked us to return it to you.
  • If we were ever really worried about your safety, or the safety of somebody close to you, and needed to discuss our worries with the safeguarding board (you will know if this happened), safeguarding rules say we need to keep your records for 30 years.

In these cases we are retaining your data because of our legal obligations and because it is necessary for us to carry out ‘public tasks’.

  • If, when you leave our services, you feel there is a possibility you might return in future we will retain your records for two years, as this will save you having to give us lots of information again and enable continuity when you restart your services.
  • If you completed a BTEC course with us we have to keep details of your name, the modules and qualifications studied and the outcomes you achieved on record for the rest of your life so we can confirm your qualifications with anyone who asks us as your career progresses. However, we will destroy any work you submitted to us after 12 weeks, unless you ask us to return it to you.

These are ‘legitimate interest’ reasons for holding data.

Our Commitment To Safeguarding

Inspirative Arts are committed to safeguarding all clients, staff, volunteers and the community. A safer recruitment policy means that all staff are appropriately vetted prior to working with clients. Inspirative Arts have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all clients, staff, volunteers and the community during working hours and will follow all local authority safeguarding procedures as outlined in our safeguarding policy. For further information about our safeguarding procedures please contact [email protected] .

Our designated safeguarding leads are Philippa Buchanan, Rae Scudder, Evie Szpuk, Gareth Stubbs and Rebecca Morley.