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Client Testimonials

We work with a variety of different groups, so have included testimonials from specific services/groups:

Take a look at some of the stories of the individuals that come or have been to Inspirative Arts.

Full Testimonials

Service Users

Service Users (Adults with Learning Disabilities)

Art makes me unwind and create. Drama helps me express feelings and make friends


I liked it because everyone has their own opinion and your not judged


I like music and art, it makes you unwind doesn’t it. It helps you release stress.


Good games, different things every time


I am encouraged to put my own ideas into the workshop which helps me get involved with the other members in the group.


I really enjoyed [Inspirative Arts] coming the most, they made me feel like I was in a massive friendship circle


It is so important to me because every time I go there is always something different happening. It offers me activities that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to do.


Family and Carers

Family and Carers of People with Learning Disabilities

Chris Beech

Advocate – Derbyshire Advocacy Service

Inspirative Arts is very person-centred in its approach. The sessions offer much more choice and freedom for their clients with what to do during the day. It’s a project that provides something different.

Learning Disability Support Worker

Very creative and everyone was open and took part well in all activities. Really enjoyed it

Michael Halligan

Advocate – Derbyshire Advocacy Service

The group provides opportunities for people with learning disabilities to meet new people and  make new friends from the community in an inclusive and person centred way. This activity become an integral part of [service user’s] weekly routine; he has made many new friends and developed a host of new skills; it also contributes to [service user] Health and wellbeing; he feels valued, respected and included.  Inspirative Arts provide a vital, affordable service, in a safe, welcoming and accessible environment: without this service [service user’s] community presence will all but disappear. Inspirative Arts forms a big part of [service user’s] life.

Rachael Pinks

Care Home Manager – Mencap

“[She] gains a lot of fulfilment & enjoyment from the workshops & always returns home happy & discusses what she has achieved during the workshops. [She] does this without being prompted by staff,  which for us indicates that she really has participated in the workshops & found them meaningful. As [she] doesn’t always share her experiences un prompted & sometimes when she has attended other social activities…So we are able to confidently say that [she] does find the workshops extremely meaningful.

Conference Events

Conference Event Participants

The various activities were well paced, and each created a foundation for the next. I wish there had been more time  to do more bonding before hand and art work

Conference Participant

Very appropriate. It gave the opportunity to reflect and communicate on a personal level amongst a programme of lectures

Conference Participant

I am left with a really sound feeling of wellbeing – as someone said ” we came in as strangers and leave as friends” – and trusty friends at that

Conference Participant

Very helpful. Having struggled to listen and take on board so much head stuff (underpinned by sometimes strong feelings) it was good to be able to relax in a safe place and share responses

Conference Participant

Would like the opportunity to have these workshops more often, having them throughout the conference to be able to reflect and understand through others point of views what is being shared

Conference Participant

Yes the workshops were appropriate because it let us to the very core of our being, and that in affirming our human divinity and appreciating the work of others

Conference Participant

Testimonials from Individuals:

Relaxing and enjoyable, very inclusive and non-threatening. Encouraged people to express and communicate


The various activities were well paced, and each created a foundation for the next


Inspirative Arts – Team Development

Testimonials for Inspirative Arts – Team Development

The needs of all the participants were not only met but exceeded, people were surprised at how much they felt they learnt and could then improve about themselves in a working situation.

St Michaels Support and Care Group (June 2011 )