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How volunteering for Derby organisation led to a new career

My new job at Inspirative Arts has given me an insight into what opportunities there could be for people with disabilities.

Hello, I’m Adele and I’m new at Inspirative Arts. Well, I say ‘new’…. I’ve been volunteering since June 2011 and have been hooked since! I’ve always wanted to make a difference and work with people, and have always loved being creative. When I stumbled across Inspirative Arts two years ago I soon realised it combined my two passions, and I wanted in! I started off supporting individuals in creative workshops; watching them grow and develop filled me with a sense of pride.

Soon after I started paid employment with a care company, which meant my time spent with Inspirative Arts was gradually reduced. Although I enjoyed this work, I felt my creativity was being repressed and there was not as much chance to become involved in therapeutic practices or witness the emotional and personal growth of individuals. I still volunteered for Inspirative Arts though, although a lot less. I spent my time completing admin duties rather than taking part in the workshops, due to not being able to dedicate as much time as before. I found I massively enjoyed this role as it enabled me to get to grips with business systems and learn more about the company and its background. I also had input into the recruitment process and had a say in the volunteers we were taking on. I liked this level of involvement as it enabled me to see people starting off. This reminded me of when I began with Inspirative Arts and it meant that I could support them through their journey and watch them grow too.

From Volunteering to Business Administration Apprenticeship

Now, I’m on a business administration apprenticeship scheme with Inspirative Arts and I feel I’m settling in nicely, whilst learning some new skills and working towards picking up qualifications along the way! It’s really opened my eyes to the opportunities that are out there, and got me thinking about how beneficial apprenticeship schemes could be for individuals with learning disabilities – rather than taking a big scary jump into the world of work it’s a steady transition from education into further learning, whilst also getting to experience earning money and taking on new responsibilities, one step at a time.

If you think Inspirative Arts can help you with the next steps in your journey then please contact us.