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Poppy’s Placement Testimonial

Looking back over my summer – which I have spent with Inspirative Arts – I struggle to pinpoint an exact highlight while working here. This seems a mountain of a challenge when each day has been wildly diverse and fantastically fascinating. Something that was always a constant, however, was the encouraging and uplifting people that work and volunteer here.

I wanted to use this rare opportunity to gain insight into the link between arts and therapeutic practices as I come towards towards the end of my Fine Art degree. It has always been an area I have been interested in, but I wasn’t sure what to expect as you can only gain so much insight through reading. I have learnt that therapies involving arts are not about set ideas or even definitions, it’s about fluidity, doing and being what a particular person needs on a particular day. Flexibility, care and creativity, is demonstrated time and time again here. Each component is crucial. Nevertheless, what is more concrete is the undeniable benefit and value Inspirative Arts is having in so many people’s lives that I have seen first hand. This is something I found incredibly inspiring.

I also feel the experiences I have gained here in many ways developed me as a person. Through working closely with such talented individuals I feel I have become more resilient and ambitious. So much so, I will be applying to study a masters degree with the aim of becoming a fully qualified art therapist. Thanks to my experiences here I feel equipped and ready to take on this new challenge.

I want to thank everyone who has helped to make my summer here as enjoyable and memorable as it has been. It has truly been a brilliant opportunity and experience.  

Poppy Tomkinson (2018)