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Evidence of How Your Financial Investment in Creativity Can Save You Money.

David Shrigley’s ‘The arts’ teapot filling up a ‘lost soul’ cup. Illustration: David Shrigley

The All-Party Parliamentary Group have put together a report after an inquiry into Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

The report recognises and brings to the readers attention the powerful contribution the arts can make to our health and wellbeing. Not only this, but the report provides comprehensive evidence and numerous examples of practice which demonstrate the beneficial impact of the arts in multiple areas of health and care.

The Arts Will Have a Huge Positive Impact on Your and Your Loved-Ones’ Health and Wellbeing:

  • “Visual and performing arts in healthcare environments help to reduce sickness, anxiety and stress.”
  • “Arts therapies have been found to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress while increasing resilience and wellbeing.”
  • “The heart rate of new-born babies is calmed by the playing of lullabies. The use of live music in neonatal intensive care leads to considerably reduced hospital stays.”
  • “Music therapy reduces agitation and need for medication in 67% of people with dementia.”
  • “Arts therapies help people to recover from brain injury and diminish the physical and emotional suffering of cancer patients.”
  • “Over the past two centuries, life expectancy has increased by two years every decade… Arts participation is a vital part of healthy ageing.”
  • “Participatory arts activities with children improve their cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional development and enhance school readiness.”

Your Financial Investment into the Arts Will Save You Money:

  • “A mental health recovery centre co-designed by service users in Wales is estimated to save the NHS £300K
    per year.”
  • “An arts-on-prescription project has shown a 37% drop in GP consultation rates and a 27% reduction
    in hospital admissions. This represents a saving of  £216 per patient.”
  • “A social return on investment of between £4 and £11 has been calculated for every £1 invested in arts on prescription.”
  • “£1 spent on early care and education has been calculated to save up to £13 in future costs.”
  • “Within the NHS, some 10 million working days are lost to sick leave every year, costing £2.4bn. Arts engagement helps health and care staff to improve their own health and wellbeing and that of their patients.”
  • “Every £1 spent on maintaining parks has been seen to generate £34 in community benefits”
  • “GPs prescribing arts activities to some patients could lead to a dramatic fall in hospital admissions and save the NHS money.”

Want to Make an Investment to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing?

We provide arts therapies and therapeutic arts for children and adults facing a wide range of challenges.  This includes people living with:

  • learning and physical disabilities;
  • autism and other communication disorders;
  • emotional and/or behavioural difficulties;
  • memory loss or difficulties with thinking, problem solving or language;
  • mental health issues;
  • experiences of loss, trauma or unexpected change.

If you are interested in investment into you health and well-being through the use of person-centred creativity then please contact us on: 01332 208 706 or email: [email protected]

We want to listen to your story.

Interested in Making an Investment into someone else’s Health and Wellbeing?

Inspirative Arts are crowd funding!

We need you to help us create an access fund, enabling us to serve people when they need us most.  The £2000 we are asking for will enable us to provide 50 free one to one or group sessions for people with no other sources of funding.

Many people use personal budgets to access our help, however many others don’t qualify for this support.  They might find themselves facing unexpected trauma, transition or change; stuck on waiting lists for other services; or waiting for new assessments of their changing lives.  These are often the people who need us most.  They call on us in desperation, and it is heartbreaking to see them deteriorate whilst we fight for funding to provide the services they need.

If you would like to Make a Pledge, please see our crowdfunding page.

As you can see from the statistics above, your contribution however big or small will be much appreciated and will go a long way. Your investment is likely to have a huge impact on somebodies health, wellbeing, quality of life and happiness.

Inspirative Arts are Hosting a Fundraising Event!

We are Hosting a Creative Community Fair Sunday 6th August 2017. We would love to see you there for some fun and creativity!

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