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Play space for professionals

Developmental transformations CPD session Sunday 7th May 2017 2-5pm 

Whether you are new to Developmental transformations or you have had experience before, all are welcome, you are invited to explore playful techniques of dealing with life’s quirky ways.

Depending on who turns up and what your reason is for attending we will accommodate by sharing the relevant information about Developmental Transformation and more importantly a chance to try it out! Exploring together the ‘play space’ for either or both, your personal development and professional application.

I am excited to announce that Anni will be joining us again, who has intensively trained in DvT and is a trained therapist who has delivered therapy for many years.

We all know life can be hard to navigate. The world is unstable, in constant change, despite our best efforts to create stability. Other people are difficult, they do not behave the way we want them to, even our bodies are difficult, embarrassing, can let us down. DvT does not aim to create a sense of safety, but rather, by encountering ourselves and others within a constantly transforming play space, helps us to develop our ability to ride the storms of life in a more playful way.

Join our facebook group if you want to be kept update ‘DvT Derby‘ the event details are linked called ‘May DvT Derby’

Event taking place at Inspirative House, Canal street, Derby, DE1 2RJ. Parking on site. You can contact the venue and request to speak to Sarah Paine if you have any enquiries.

The First session donation only thereafter sliding scale between £10-£30. To be discussed on an individual basis.