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Music Therapy in Derby – book a session with music therapist

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is undertaken by a qualified music therapist who seeks, through a mutually developing relationship, to assist in the remediation of specific emotional, physical (sensory/motor), social or learning disorders. Through sensitive observation and subsequent choice of appropriate elements of music, the therapist aims to establish an interaction – a shared musical experience and activity – leading to the pursuit of therapeutic goals determined by the nature of the disorder(s).

The ability to appreciate and respond to music is an inborn quality in human beings. It is well known that this ability frequently remains unimpaired by disability, injury or illness. People who have difficulty in understanding their environment, or whose verbal communication is an inadequate form of self-expression, may nevertheless be stimulated by music and respond to it.

Music therapists seek through music to arouse and engage clients, to help them towards realising their potential. A client does not have to be musically talented to engage in Music Therapy. Music therapists practise in a wide range of environments, being employed by the NHS, Social Services, the Education Service, in prisons, etc., working with groups and individual clients who may have a wide range of disabilities.

Who is the Music Experiential Course for?

For students of the arts, sciences and social sciences, health care professionals, performers, artists, youth workers, teachers, care workers and anyone with an interest in finding out about the potential for the therapeutic healing art therapy offers. The course may be useful for anyone considering doing a full-time Music Therapy Training – as a ‘taster’. It is also helpful for anyone wishing to know more about the use of music with special needs clients of all ages, who do not necessarily wish to become a professional music therapist.

On 30th January 2019, Vicky McCrea delivered a 2 hour CPD to introduce her specialism in music therapy.

Vicky studied music and psychology at Keele University and has now qualified from Derby University as an HCPC music therapist. Vicky plays saxophone, clarinet, piano, ukulele and a variety of percussion instruments. She enjoys all styles of music; but her favourites are ska, pop and blues. Vicky has played in many different bands and has been on tour in Europe. She loves playing music with different people as it has the power to connect on a deeper level and build relationships.

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