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Relationship Opportunities for Disabled individuals in Derby

Do people with disabilities have the same opportunities to build relationships within Derby?

Since heading the ‘relationship focus group’ (which formed from the Learning Disability Partnership board) I have attended two very interesting conferences. One called ‘Community Connectors’ which was focused on the opportunities we can give people with disabilities and how the personality of those supporting those individuals impacts their opportunities and development. The second conference  ‘Autism and Relationships, Puberty, Sex and Sexuality’. This conference highlighted the struggles individuals who have autism go through trying to understand body changes and relationships. I was surprised how little opportunity we offer people basic knowledge on sex education and an opportunity to have open and honest conversations around this subject area.

The relationship focus group aims to give people with disabilities a voice in what information they need and have the opportunities to form relationships. One way the group has started to give people a way to make genuine relationships  is by getting involved in  community social event called City-Zen. The meetings are held bi-weekly and the next one is Thursday 27th June at The Crompton pub in Derby.

There is a lot more I want to share on this matter, so watch the space for a continuation on this page…