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Art therapies for people with autism

Our autistic son came to Inspirative Arts at a very dark period in his life. After a disastrous experience in mainstream FE he was out of education and in the middle of a long and acrimonious battle with the local authority for an EHCP and appropriate educational provision. As a result, he felt he had no purpose in his life, he worried continually about his future, his self-esteem was at rock bottom, and he was rapidly spiralling into depression.

Coming to Inspirative Arts saved him. He felt safe in the warm, welcoming and tranquil atmosphere of Inspirative House, encouraged by the caring and person centred approach and one to one support, and was inspired by the mediums of art and drama.

Key to this was the relationship he built up with his therapist.  Having an individual therapist as a sounding board for the worries and frustrations that he was not always comfortable expressing at home, for fear of worrying or upsetting us, was hugely beneficial and contributed enormously to the recovery of his mental health and well-being. As a result, our son felt able to express himself freely and gradually recovered his self-esteem, eventually acquiring a new found confidence and assertiveness.

Finding activities for young people with higher functioning autism in Derby is extremely difficult. Indeed, Inspirative Arts is the only place that is still able to give our son what he requires, as they have changed and developed their provision with him over time, something that is all too often lacking in other providers.

As a result, our son felt able to express himself freely and gradually recovered his self-esteem

Over the last few years, the dedicated staff at Inspirative Arts have tailored the programmes to perfectly meet our son’s needs – first on a regular weekly basis with one therapist, then in a group with likeminded peers, while now, since he is away at college most of the time, he attends on an ad hoc basis, dipping in and out with ease, still valuing and enjoying the experiences they offer.

For our son, Inspirative Arts has truly been a lifeline.