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Your vote is needed

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Your vote could make all the difference. Inspirative Arts are needing to secure £5,000 from Aviva community fund and your vote could help us achieve this. Simple steps

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Then search for our project ‘Inspirative Arts’ or find us directly

You can put all your 10 votes to us or spread them, should you wish.

What the money is going towards;

Inspirative Arts changes lives, but not everyone can access our services.

What do we do?

We provide arts therapies and therapeutic arts for children and adults facing a wide range of challenges.  This includes people living with:

  • learning and physical disabilities;
  • autism and other communication disorders;
  • emotional and/or behavioural difficulties;
  • memory loss or difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language;
  • mental health issues;
  • experiences of loss, trauma or unexpected change.

Our specialist staff use art, music, dance, drama and intensive interaction, working in person-centred ways to nurture healing, growth and personal development; transforming people’s lives.  In the past year more than 100 people (adults and children) have used our services.

What do we need?

We need your vote to secure funds to enable us to offer subsidised places for those most in need.

Many people use personal budgets to access our help, however many others don’t qualify for this support.  They might find themselves facing unexpected trauma, transition or change; stuck on waiting lists for other services; or waiting for new assessments of their changing lives.  These are often the people who need us most.  They call on us in desperation, and it is heartbreaking to see them deteriorate whilst we fight for funding to provide the services they need.

What difference do we make?

Many people we work with feel very alone in dealing with their problems; some mistakenly believe they deserve the difficulties they face.  This damages their self-image and destroys their confidence.  We create safe spaces where people come together to play, create, and off-load.  Therapeutic arts enable people to express themselves positively, rather than resorting to violent, self-harming or disruptive behaviours to show emotional needs.  Creative resources like paint, clay, drums, puppets, masks and costumes enable people to work through their issues safely, using dramatic distance, metaphor and symbolism; validating their experiences and enabling them to feel heard, acknowledge and valued.  Storyboards, objects and roleplay give people opportunities to experiment with life situations, building confidence and practicing coping strategies for future experiences.  Music, movement and image-making enable us to express things we don’t have words to say.

How do we transform lives?

Working together using therapeutic arts increases people’s confidence, self-awareness, and assertiveness, offering creative ways to recognise issues, explore, reflect and resolve feelings about oneself and others.  Meeting others in similar situations overcomes the sense of being “different” or at fault, whilst creating together develops communication and team-building skills, enabling people to make connections and feel more confident.  Building trust in this way is transformative, enabling people to build healthy relationships and combat loneliness.  We work with healthy aspects of self; enabling people of all ages to identify the personal strengths and wisdom they have gained through adversity.  People grow in confidence, self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Who will you help?

Your vote could help us to help:

  • children who have been bullied at school, the victims of violence, or suffered bereavement;
  • young people with autism struggling to cope with a transition into the adult world;
  • people with learning disabilities or mental health problems who feel isolated and alone;
  • families coping with separation or loss;
  • people living with long-term conditions who are struggling with deterioration and change.

These are all descriptions of real-life people who have reached out to us for help in the past year; and just a few examples of the many people whose lives we can transform if you help us now.

We managed to fundraise and gain financial support through a community fund to start off the pot, you can see who have supported us here;

Please do watch our video on our home page of the website to see for yourselves the difference we make.  Most importantly, if you or someone you know could benefit from our work, please do get in touch.